Zombie Horse Spawn

Zombie Horse Spawn

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A minimalist fashion that allows zombies to show up with zombies.

Whenever a zombie appears, he has a chance to appear as a rider. You can adjust it so that it only appears on the surface, and if it should burn in daylight.

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Zombie Horse Spawn


  • chanceSurfaceZombieHasHorse (default = 0.05, minimum 0, maximum 1.0): the probability that the zombie that appears on the surface will ride on the horse.
  • shouldBurnZombieHorsesInDaylight (default = true): if enabled, it burns the zombies when they are exposed to daylight.
  • onlySpawnZombieHorsesOnSurface (default = true): If enabled, the zombie horse and rider will only appear on the surface.


  • Forge

How to install the Zombie Horse Spawn on the Minecraft:

  • Download and install Forge recommended version
  • Download and upload Zombie Horse Spawn mod to the mods folder.


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