Wool Conquest Map for Minecraft 1.14.4

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Only one player can get the block of wool, will you be there?

Wool Conquest 1.14.4 is a map where players from several teams will face each other in an arena to try to get blocks of wool that are generated in the center of a large arena. The map is intended to be played by teams, formed by one or several players.

The map has a lobby area, the arena, which is where you will generate the blocks of wool, and the base of each team. The idea is simple, in the center of the arena will generate a block of wool, and all players, of all teams, have to go to the center of the arna to get the block of wool. The battles are insured!

How to install Wool Conquest Map for Minecraft 1.14.4?

  • Download Wool Conquest Map 1.14.4
  • To open the folder .minecraft/saves
  • Paste the downloaded file map, under “saves”.
  • It is time to fight for the wool!
Download Wool Conquest Map for Minecraft 1.14.4

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