Simply Trophies Mod [1.14.4]

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The simple trophies are ported to the 1.14+ forge.

Simply Trophies is a Simple Trophies port for Forge 1.14+. It adds trophies that the player can boast of.

The TH mod is currently in beta because not all functions have been fully tested, but it must be stable enough to use the modpack.

Currently, 3 different bases can be selected for additional configuration.

The accent color, name and rotating element they display are fully customizable by your mod author or server operator. There are two ways to do this – manually editing NBT – is one option, but if you don’t want to do it, you can create them in the game in creative mode with … relatively intuitive interaction: right-click and rename the anvil.

The mod does not add a way to get trophies. This is for you to realize yourself, but you like it, whether through data packets or otherwise. Trophies are, of course, just old items, so any mechanism that can provide items to players can also give them trophies.



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