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A simple mod that adds a time counter (timer) on the top left. This counter starts the countdown, you can set how much time you play in a certain world, or you can set it to simulate in-game time with months and years (you can see how many in-game months have passed since the beginning of your game). Quite a useful feature.

The counter setting menu can be accessed by pressing the H button. You can hide the counter and back by pressing the squat key + H button.

This configurable timer will let you display:

  • Total World Time (from getTotalWorldTime() function)
  • Minecraft Time used for day/night cycle (from getWorldTime() function)
  • Stopwatch
  • System time

Simple World Timer

Additional syntax take effect after:

  • &d – total days
  • &w – total ticks
  • &t – current two-sign ticks in current second (00-19)

If you additionally put it in [ square brackets ] then everything within will output only if included values are non-zero
All this additions should be quoted using  single quotes  to avoid initial interpretation by SimpleDateFormat



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