Shadow Bending [1.12.2]

Shadow Bending [1.12.2]

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The shadows are cool, right?

I’ve been enjoying the idea of shadow bending lately, so the author thought about making a mod for him, this mod adds 1 new ore, 2 new weapons and 3 new items and this mod will be updated for new things, such as powerful weapons and much more, and the author hopes you will enjoy it, so what is a shadow bending mod?

Shadow fold mod is fine, so in the future you will be able to control the shadows, and it would be cool, right? In any case, as long as this mod has something called a shadow totem: a shadow totem will be very important, because in the future it will give you the authority, and then the binding to the key will be the way to the graphical interface.



Shadow Bending for Minecraft 1.12.2

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