PymTech [1.14.4] [1.12.2]

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PymTech! This mod recreates the concept of Pym Particles to reduce and raise you, your pets and even your home!

This mod was originally an Ant-Man mod that was renamed and planned to be restructured with respect to the one not yet added by Quantum Realm.

Getting Started You will need a boiler from LucraftCore to create Pym particles. It allows you to create two types of Pym particles that you will need to change in size. The author advises you to use JEI, as it allows you to see the recipe for them. Once you have received the fluids, you can fill them in your suit, put them in buckets to make discs, or move them to a shrink machine.

Structural shrinkage The Structural Shrinkage Unit allows you to select the area you want to compress and move. Besides Pym-Particles, it also needs energy. You can either use a furnace generator from LucraftCore and put it next to it, or you can use one of the many energy modes that support the Forge power system.

To actually squeeze something, you will need 10,000 FE (forge energy) and 1000mb (milligrams) of Shrink-Pym-Particles. Once your structure is reduced, you can take it, drop it somewhere and throw the disk into it for growth to increase it again.




  • Will you add other suits from the comics/movies/etc.?
    • Eventually. If they are somewhat unique they will find a place in this mod. If they are not, you might be able to find them in my addonpack NotEnoughHeroes in the future.
  • Will we be able to see the Quantum Realm like in the old Ant-Man mod?
    • I was already working on the Quantum Realm. But since I was nowhere near satisfied with it I decided the release the current progress of this mod. The Quantum Realm will be much more interesting and diverse this time, which is why I’d rather have it not released than it being public and unfinished.
  • After some time of being giant, I get knocked out, why?
  • Does this mod contain an Infinity Stone? If not, which will it have?
    • There is currently no stone in this mod as of similiar reasons why the Quantum Realm isn’t there. It will have one in 1.13 though. And which one it will be remains a secret.
  • Will you “update” this to 1.7.10?
    • No. Do everyone a favour and never ask this question ever again.


Neon: Models & textures

Kill3rCreeper: Ant-Man 1 & 2 skins

Doom_: Ant-Man 3 & Wasp skins

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