Chest Transporter

One Chest Transporter

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One Chest Transporter mod allows you to drag and drop chests with one simple tool, the Kraft of which you can see a bit lower. Previously, to rearrange the chest, it was necessary to first take things out of it, and then put them back together.

There are only 4 types of instruments: wooden, iron, gold and diamond.

This is much more convenient than unloading everything from the trunk and taking all the junk to another place.

This mode just saves time, just take the instrument, click on the trunk with your stuff and drag it to the right place, very, very convenient and useful mode. The author has indicated compatibility with the following modes (chests added by these modes.): Multi Page Chest, Iron Chests, CompactStorage, Iron Chest Minecarts, Storage Drawers, Actually Additions, BiblioCraft, Quark

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