Liquid Diamond Tools [1.12.2]

Liquid Diamond Tools [1.12.2]

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A small mod that adds the best tools for Minecraft.

A small mod that adds a new material called Liquid Diamond that can be used to create better tools.

Tools and armour:

  • Liquid Diamond Helmet/Legginses/Boots (extra protection)
  • Liquid diamond sword / pickaxe / shovel / motorcycle (more attack damage / efficiency)
  • Liquid diamond apple (regeneration 5)

You can get Liquid Diamond ingots by finding ores or smelting diamonds.

For each item made of liquid diamonds, you will need a blank star and 2-7 bars of liquid diamonds.

Screenshots Liquid Diamond Tools




How to install Liquid Diamond Tools on Minkraft:

  • Download and install Forge recommended version
  • Download and upload the downloaded Liquid Diamond Tools mod to the mods folder.


download Liquid Diamond Tools for Minecraft 1.12.2

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