Global Aggression Mod

Global Aggression Mod

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Aggression virus has spread through the game world. Global Aggression mode forces animals and monsters to attack players at the first meeting. Pigs, cows, chickens and sheep will not give you a second’s rest.

The developer of evaisie took the script of zombie behavior model and installed it on friendly creatures. Even small fish bite the character, and parrots dive to attack.

Hardcore mode will take on a new challenge for the hardcore players. In a crazy world where only evil creatures live, it is impossible to survive. You’ll have to build trapped fortresses and safe houses at height to escape.

Global Aggression Mod Screenshots

How Install

  • Installation
  • Download Forge here.
  • Download mods on aggressive mobs on PC.
  • Put the file in “mods”.

Global Aggression Mod Download



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