Example Worlds 1.12.2

Example Worlds 1.12.2

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Example Worlds – trying to do something similar to the old fashion and add more adventure game.
Maud will add five new mobs, a boss and several types of weapons.



  • Frozer is a villager, spawns in a swamp
  • The fairy spawns on the plains
  • Void Void – gives rise to in the Void (3 sizes)
  • An ugly pig – gives birth in the void
  • Cluster – spawning in the jungle
  • BOSS – Phoenix


  • Fire bow – fires five fire arrows.
  • Olonite tools and bow
  • Fire sword – 7 damage from the attack, burning cell phones.
  • Fly Sword – 6 right click attacks to move on X and Y
  • Slanting – shooting at skulls turns undeads into withering skeletons, can extract wood
  • Levitational Sword – right-click to levitate, and click again to stop it
  • Mothra, the mobile phones go up into the sky after the attack.



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