Minecraft Texture Packs

Potted Bushes (Forge version)

Potted Bushes is an incredibly small mo with one simple purpose: to allow sweet berries to be planted in flowerpots. This method was suggested in response to the proposal to subrender r/minecraftsuggestions. Planting a sweet berry in a flowerpot remains the same as planting a cactus or flower. Right-clicking on the berry pot will give …

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The Amazing 8-Bit!

8-Bit Amazing is an 8-Bit texture package that focuses on making the Minecraft world much easier to understand, while the more natural blocks look a little bit more complex. My idea was to create smooth and simple textures that would give you a new experience than a vanilla Minecraft. I designed it so that you …

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Cursed Pack [1.12.2]

Another goddamn Minecraft about block chests, and it will also change all the chests! Just like in a regular package of damn textures, you know they’re right… Screenhots How to download and install the Cursed Pack texture on the Minecraft: Download the texture pack and upload it to the resourcepacks folder Useful to download and …

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Real Time Chat Translation Mod

Real Time Chat Translation Mod

It’s hard to play on foreign servers because of the language barrier. The Real Time Chat Translation mod will automatically translate phrases from the chat room into your native language. A separate window for entering text helps you to communicate comfortably. The developer of Ringowhs uses online translators as a basis. Translation is often not …

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Chunki [1.14.4] Minecraft Pack

Chunki [1.14.4]

Chunki – Texture pack that changes the texture under the RPG style. With it, the world of Minecraft will become more colorful and cute. The Chunki 1.14.4 resource pack for Minecraft was created to transform Minecraft from a simple, simple survival game into a charming, whimsical world of RPGs where GameBoy Advance vibrations are pure …

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Naelego's Cel Shaders [1.14.4] [1.13.2] [1.7.10]

Naelego’s Cel Shaders

Feaures Fans of the cel shading art style will love Naelego’s Cel Shaders mod, but others may think it makes the game look too cartoony to be fun. Minecraft never was a very realistic game anyhow, what with the blocks of dirt and stone that just float in the air with nothing under them, but the …

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