Minecraft 1.8.9 Mods

Bed Craft and Beyond Mod

Various colors and various types of wood for our beds in Minecraft. Bed Craft and Beyond 1.10.2 is a mod that allows us to customize the look of our beds in Minecraft. With this mod we can change the color of the sheets of our bed, as well as the color of the pillow, using …

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Blocklings for older versions

This mod add a little, cute and tame mafia that can be upgraded to combat hostile mafia and monsters Tutorial for this fashion, I’m bad to explain some things, and I said that this is not an official port, I just help gamers who play with friends on multiplayer servers with mods from aternos.org this …

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Halloween LuckyBlocks

Holiday lucky block, Halloween-themed. Opening such a block, depending on your luck may fall out one of the useful or not so items, or you have to fight with a terrible zombie, vampire or ghost. Screenshots How to install Halloween LuckyBlocks Download and install Minecraft Forge Download the archive. Unpack it in .minecraft\mods It’s done. …

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Simple Fluid Tanks

Adds variable size and shape fluid tanks to Minecraft. Simple liquid tanks, simple liquid tanks are a fashion that allows you to store liquids in an expandable multi-unit structure. It is best used in combination with other, usually associated with fashion technology. Prescription recipes can be changed in a configue. Features No fixed layout. Build …

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Dynamic Lights Mod

Dynamic Lights Mod

The AtomicStryker and LakMoore developers spent many hours developing dynamic lighting. The Dynamic Lights mod makes torches, light stones, lava buckets and similar Minecraft objects glow in your hands and on the ground. The new ray propagation system creates more realistic light. Exploring the caves has become interesting! Conventional blocks reflect enough light to give …

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