Minecraft 1.13.2 Mods

Healing Soup

Mushroom soup / stew treats 4 hearts and is immediately consumed. Nostalgic mod. The author started playing Minecraft multiplayer game almost 10 years ago and worked for many hours on the server. In fact, it was done with the original code, which was once passed on by the owner of hclewk, rewritten to work with …

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Village Spawn Point

Sets the point of origin in the new world in the center of the village. A minimalist mod that sets the point of origin for a new world to always be in the middle of the village. The selected village will be closest to x = 0, z = 0. Requirements Forge How to install …

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Dynamic Lights Mod

Dynamic Lights Mod

The AtomicStryker and LakMoore developers spent many hours developing dynamic lighting. The Dynamic Lights mod makes torches, light stones, lava buckets and similar Minecraft objects glow in your hands and on the ground. The new ray propagation system creates more realistic light. Exploring the caves has become interesting! Conventional blocks reflect enough light to give …

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Cosmetic Beds Mod

Cosmetic Beds Mod

The design of the sleeping space in the sandbox does not change, except for the color of the blanket. The Cosmetic Beds fashion offers colourful banners for beds. They are decorated with pictures or patterns from a weaving machine. A workbench is required to join or uncouple them. The image is stretched out on a …

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Following Villagers

Following Villagers Mod

Now the NPCs won’t run around the game world, and they won’t have to take them out of the pits. Maude Following Villagers will make the villagers fall in love with the emerald player. They’re like animals, following a rich man with bait. You can easily lock them behind the counter and start rebuilding the …

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